Tell me i'm your national anthem.
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i also made an another car appointment this morning - which is unfortunate timing with paying for school. it’s also my third car appointment so it’s been costing me a bunch.a few things have been broken on it, plus it wasn’t passing the e-test, so im fixing it today and then i still have to bring it back one more time. on the bright side i am proud of myself for getting up so early and getting it done and going to the gym. and then i have my second last shift at ikea today.
time flies


i made kale chips for the first time ever last night & they are so good. yay jenna

17 hours ago
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what i wore to a no-pants party fundraiser a couple of weekends ago

(it’s a men’s medium tank top i used as a dress haha)

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i dropped jinx on accident and was like good thing it wasn’t a baby to my mom



It’s really easy to get obsessed with people on tumblr because you just assume they look perfect and do cool things all the time when in reality they probably never go out, smell like Doritos and rarely do their makeup IRL.

That sounds oddly enough like me…

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How stoked am I to make these! Amazing 6 month anniversary gift from iwastoldineededamorecreativeurl ♥♥

1 day ago

it’s official. starting school in 2 weeks
last day at ikea in 1 week

i still have yet to use my employee discount though… i was thinking about getting a new floor lamp for my room. if people wanna suggest ones i’m down


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hey new followers, come say hi



I love when you become so close with someone that you can see parts of each other in one another and you begin to say the same things and steal lines from one another and have a similar sense of humor and can exchange an inside joke with just a glance you don’t even have to talk because you have such a strong connection with them and you can sit in comfortable silence but also talk for hours it’s really hard to find that kind of compatibility

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2 days ago

things i need to do before school starts

pay for school
buy textbooks
get student card
pay for parking pass
cry over loss of money




American Horror Story: Freakshow


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